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THE ULTIMATE CLOUD SECURITY CERTIFICATION listed CCSK as the 1st on the list of top 10 Cloud Security certifications on the market.

Employers struggle to find information security leaders who have the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge to establish cloud security programs protecting sensitive information.

The CCSK lets the marketplace know you are ready for the challenge with the first credential dedicated to cloud security, offered by the world’s thought leader in cloud security.

The Certification Magazine had elected the CCSK at #1 rank on the Average Salary

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Videos for each CSA Chapters


Preparation Resources for the Exam


Advanced Labs on Amazon AWS


Exam Simulator with hundreds Q&A


Direct Support from the Instructor


CCSK Course Introduction

Module 1

This introduction module will present the CCSK course and give you an overall idea what's inside the course.This module also focus on how the Step-by-Step process work.

Governance and Enterprise Risk Management

Module 3

This domain covers Governance and risk management. It focus on how they change in cloud computing arena and demonstrate how cloud computing impacts areas of governance and risk management including policy, process, and internal controls.

Compliance and Audit Management

Module 5

This domain focus on the jurisdictional differences and their implications on existing compliance and audit standards, processes, and practices in Cloud Computing. This module covers regulatory environments, implications, responsibilities and capabilities for demonstrating compliance.

Infrastructure Security

Module 7

This domain focus on infrastructure security including compute, storage and networking security core to infrastructure, which also encompass workload and hybrid cloud. This domain includes the fundamentals for private cloud computing. It does not include all the components of traditional data center security.

Incident Response

Module 9

This domain seeks to identify those gaps pertinent to IR that are created by the unique characteristics of cloud computing. this can be used this as a reference when developing response plans and conducting other activities during the preparation phase of the IR lifecycle.

Data Security and Encryption

Module 11

This module focus on Data security controls that tend to fall into three buckets. We will cover in this section: 1- Controlling Data in cloud.  2- Protecting and Managing Data in cloud.  3- Access controls, Encryption and Architecture.

SecaaS Security as a Service

Module 13

This module will focus on Security as a Service providers of security capabilities as a cloud service. This includes dedicated SecaaS providers, as well as features from general cloud-computing providers.

Cloud Computing Architectures

Module 2

This domain provides the conceptual framework for the rest of the CSA guidance.It describes and defines cloud computing, sets the baseline terminology, and details the architectural frameworks.

Legal Issues, Contracts and Electronic Discovery

Module 4

This domain highlights some of the legal issues raised by moving data to the cloud; contracting with CSPs and handling electronic discovery requests in litigation. IT focus primarily on the legal implications of public clouds and third party- hosted private clouds.

Information Governance

Module 6

This domain focus primary on information security to protect the fundamental data that powers a customer systems and applications. We will cover how to manage information in cloud computing with new technical protections and new approaches and how governance particularly impacts compliance, privacy, and corporate policies.

Virtualization and Containers

Module 8

This domain focus on Cloud computing and virtualization that provides the abstraction needed for resource pools and managed using orchestration. It focus on those specific aspects of virtualization used to create our resource pools, especially: Compute, Network, Storage and Containers.

Application Security

Module 10

This module focus on the guidance intended for software development and IT teams who want to securely build and deploy applications in cloud computing environments, specifically PaaS and IaaS. It includes many of the techniques used to secure SaaS applications as well.

IAM and Entitlements

Module 12

This module focus on how IAM is impacted by cloud computing. In both public and private cloud, two parties are required to manage IAM without compromising security. It also covers how cloud changes identity management and what to do about it.

Trending Technologies

Module 14

This module provides more depth on additional technologies that don’t fit into existing domains. we will cover all technologies related to: Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile devices, Serverless computing.


  • CSA Tools

    CCM, CAIQ, and STAR Registry Tools

  • Cloud Management

    Cloud Management Plane Hardening

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Practical Guidance for Hybrid Cloud

  • Serverless Computing

    Immutable, Serverless, and new Cloud Architectures

  • DevOps

    Continuous Delivery, and Secure Software Development

  • SDN

    The Software Defined Perimeter and Cloud Network Security

  • Microservices

    Microsegmentation and Containers

  • Regulations

    New laws and regulatory guidance including 



  • L1


    In This first LAB, we will cover the AWS Dashboard including Services, Billing, Accounts Creation and mainly How To Secure and Harden the ROOT Account Security.

  • L3


    In This LAB, we will cover extensively the AWS Monitoring and Alerting. We will go through the setup and configuration of AWS CloudTrail, S3 Buckets policies configuration and logs centralization. We will also cover AWS CloudWatch in depth and the integration with AWS SnS for sending Alerts through emails and messages etc.

  • L5


    In This first LAB, we will create and deploy the different EC2 Instances along with the security gateways configuration for each one of them. We will also show how to connect and configure the instances networks remotely through SSH clients.

  • L7


    In This first LAB, we will cover AWS KMS key management service and apply encryption to different scenarios of volume and snapshots cases. We will also create an S3 encrypted buckets where we will test it from an external access through a published web service.

  • L2


    In This IAM LAB, we will cover in detail the creation and configuration of Accounts, Groups, Roles and Policies with JSON customizations and simulations. IAM Reporting is also part of this LAB

  • L4


    In This first LAB, we will start building our LAB scenario by creating different VPCs and security gateways for front-end and back-end zones. we will also cover the rules access creation and management.

  • L6


    In This first LAB, we will cover the AWS vulnerability assessments by creating and configuring scans jobs and baselines. We will launch the assessments against created EC2 instances. We will also cover AWS Inspector Configuration and agents deployments. we will finish by creating reports for all findings and mitigating all vulnerabilities by patching the EC2 instances and repeating the assessments etc.

  • L8


    In This first LAB, we will complete the creation of the LAB design using AWS Cloud Formation and deploy several applications. We will then test the federation authentication process between both deployed web applications.

Excellent summary of a very dry and a complicated subject to support the CCSK official study guide. Worth every cent.


The CCSK is a very good summary for your CCSK exam preparation. Whether or not you already have (basic) cloud- and security knowledge, this ebook is a must have add-on to the CSA and ENISA guides.





"Unbeatable price and support given - Thanks again!"


"Super pleased with the course contents"


"Best course for the CCSK"


"A straightforward process to master the cloud security topics"

Best Course for the CCSK

First of all, let me say that I have some IT certifications in my background prior to this one but to be honest I can say, am still “new” to the Cloud Security world even if I had some hands-on experience with cloud deployments and operations tasks. So I am not an expert in cloud security and going for the CCSK certification seemed bit intimidating and didn’t know where to start and didn’t to invest much financially. I started looking into what’s available as resources apart the “big” guide of CSA. I was looking for a “DIY” style help.  After finding this one, it definitely helps me put everything on a fast track and save me lot of time Googling. It took me one week to go through everything as I took my time to delve into each chapter and become comfortable with each area of cloud security… best part is I'm actually learning lot and enjoying it. Good luck to everyone!

Simon Gul

Good Guide To Target on CCSK Certification Exam

I took Rachid even the training course, and after that, I reviewed this book to the content I got from training, it's indeed reflect all factors reflected in CCSK topics. a good guide to target on CCSK certification exam.

Benjamin Bin


We are so confident that this course will help anyone qualified pass their CCSK exam. If you follow our Step-by-Step process and complete all Course Readings, Assignments and LABs, you will be 100% ready for the exam.

If you still did not pass your exam after the two attempts, you will be eligible for a full refund within the first 30 days*



  • Q.Is this course delivered fully online and what about the Trainer Support?

    A.Yes. The course is made to be fully self-paced and delivered online 24/7. You can schedule your planing and follow the steps at your own pace. I have made this course and you have my full support directly from me. You can ask me any questions or request all necessary help for you to be ready for your exam day. You can expect a response from me within the same day.

    I am here to help make your CCSK journey as easy as possible!

  • Q.Is it guaranteed that I will pass the CCSK exam?

    A.If you follow all our course Step-by-Step process and finish all the modules, labs and exercises with all suggested readings and did not pass your exam after your attempts, you will be entitled to have a full refund no questions asked.

    (Please take note that, a 2 weeks waiting period is necessary between the two attempts for this guarantee to be applicable. get in touch with us for more information).

  • Q.Will the course includes an exam token?

    A.No. The course does not include an exam token. During the exam readiness session, you will have all information on how to acquire and book your exam token online directly with CSA.

  • Q.Can I share my course with my colleagues at work or my friends?

    A.No. The CCSK Fast Track course is entitled for one named person and its resources cannot be shared publicly or with 3rd party without prior notice of the trainer.

    If you require a team license for an on-site or group training, Please contact us at:

  • Q.What's in the Platinum Package exactly?

    A.If you choose the Platinum Package, you will have direct access to me with a dedicated 1h session. This session will cover:

    >Additional explanations for any questions you may still have.
    >Full session on my Exam approach and my own strategies
    >Assistance and Support for Career switch to Cloud Security
    >1 month post course support
    >Get my next Cloud Security book for free.

  • Q.Can I use Microsoft Azure for my Labs?

    A.The Labs Course are adapted for AWS environment as it includes all the step-by-step procedures on how to execute them. The same labs can be executed on MS Azure but you will have to translate the steps on your side to execute all the labs.

    We are working on building the MS Azure Labs and they will be provided for free if you opt for the Advanced Package.

Hi, my name is Rachid and I make people think about Cloud and Security.

Within my short two decades of run in IT and Security fields, I had the pleasure to meet and work with some distinguish minds. I am also known for someone who love changes and always looking for challenges… in the last 10 years I have change continents at least twice, change my job at least four times and completely redesigned my professional career…

It has been a long journey, but I had the opportunity to learn lot and work in different environments from Academic, Industrial, Services, Finance to Healthcare environments etc.

Now it’s time for me to give back and share what I have learned during my work. Looking back, I can now say this stage is the most valuable during all my career, where I can really see my work help someone else.

This course and my other three books testifies by themselves as one of my accomplishments that I was thinking about, for a long term… but never had the time to start or finish.

With your help and many of your encouragements, it is now live and a reality - Thank you!

Enjoy your course
(don't forget to connect and get in touch with me - anytime!)


All The Best,
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